MomCraze Tales Day 7: Last Day!!!

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Day 7 of 7 (alone with 3 kids)!!!!!!!


Today is the last day I have to do this parenting thing alone! It almost makes me forgive that Hazel woke me up at 4:30am!!!!!!!!

Getting them to stay in their beds has been impossible since we switched them out of cribs… We have a gate at their bedroom door but when I go to bed, I open it so they can get out in the mornings, otherwise they scream for me while shaking the gate and no one needs to wake up to that racket.

This morning at the sunny time of 4:30am I am not having it… I cuddle Hazel for 3 min and carry her back to bed… I am not playing!!!! 5:30am she stands at my door to tell me she has pooped. I think she is lying (Hazel likes to pretend that she has pooped at bedtime to get us to come) but she did poop… so I go downstairs to change her and then I plop her on the far side of my bed, give her the sippy cup and threaten to make her sleep on the floor if she doesn’t stay put and sleep!

It works…. I am soon sleeping…. for 15 min.

Charlie starts getting fussy… He is uncomfortable and gassy, farting like a grown man. He had avocado for dinner yesterday so that may be the reason… (We will take a break from solids today). So when Nora comes into my room at 7:30am I have not had the deepest sleep I would like and still feel crappy from this cold that we are all starting to get, even Charlie. We are all up and I notice Hazel’s hair is wet, so are her jammies. Then I see the giant wet spot on my bed! Her non drip sippy cup clearly dripped and soaked everything! So what do I do?

Absolutely nothing… I don’t have time at the moment and it will dry. Besides, it’s not my side…ha!
Charlie is so stuffy and crackly that I have to take the nose sucker and clean his nose out. I gotta say this is a task I don’t hate. There is something satisfying about sucking out the boogers with this tool… He was so stuffed up that he almost filled the whole sucker! It was super gross but it gave me a thrill, plus he can now breathe out of his nose.

I already know today is going to be a multiple coffee day so I grind enough beans to last. The girls found my drawing pencils and are both walking around taking notes while watching WALL-E….. again… Nora is screaming at me, giving me a play by play. She LOVES this movie. She has started to sing along with the song at the beginning, it’s really cute.

At this exact moment though, the girls are eating breakfast and I am nursing Charlie enjoying the quiet.

I’m not very tech savvy but I thought it sounded pretty straight forward to start a blog… I found an e-host to get my domain name for free and a whole bunch of stuff for 3 bucks a month… Nice…. I’m trying to set it up with my PayPal and deal with kids at the same time. I confirmed payment… look back at my phone… it was over $100!!! Oh damn that is for sure not in our budget, luckily the lovely people at e-host and PayPal were kind enough to cancel my transaction…

Now I am desperate to have a nap but my darling spawn will not cooperate. Is it horrible I have locked them in their room and are ignoring them? One is pretending to cry and be hurt… she is telling me she has a brokey eye (Hazel). The other is singing cwinkal cwinkal itto star, while tearing the room apart. I finally go upstairs and tell them Grandpa is coming over (which he is and they really love him), but only if they sleep, he will not come if they stay awake. Totally worked! When my FIL comes he takes Charlie and I can fold laundry and even eat. It is very nice to be kid free!

It’s Halloween today. The girls wake up about 3 and we are going to get ready soon to go early trick or treating. It is the girls’ first time and we will go to just a few houses.

Nora wakes up in a great mood; Hazel on the other hand wakes up breathing fire, determined to break either my ear drums from screaming or my nose with her little fists. This is a massive tantrum! I eventually can’t take any more and leave her screaming on her bedroom floor and start to get Nora ready. My FIL goes upstairs to see what he can do and eventually she stops with a cookie bribe.

We get them ready… they are both sparkly fairies. One green, one blue. We go with our friends Erin and Emily and Grandpa… It is super cute to see them in costume and saying trick or treat… Every time someone opens their door Nora tries to go in their house, it’s so funny. We only go to 5 houses… Holy crap did they get a lot of loot! People don’t just give one piece of candy anymore… they give goody bags full of stuff. It’s crazy! I will give them a treat after dinner and hopefully they will forget the rest… My FIL has a great idea to give the candy away if we get any trick or treaters; we didn’t buy any candy because we didn’t get any kids last year.

Now the challenge will be getting them out of their costumes for bed.

We end the evening pretty calmly. They have a treat while watching Peppa Pig. They are good and let me brush their teeth. I get them to bed with no problems…. they are sleeping in their costumes… Nora won’t take off the tiara, but I’m not gonna fight her on it. If they want to wear them, who cares. I just finished nursing Charlie to sleep and now I’m going to clean the kitchen and living room so it’s not a total disaster when Greg gets home tonight….

I’m also going to drink a few glasses of wine! I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!!!

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