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So…. I just can’t this year… I just can’t….

We put up our tree that came with lights and that is it. No decorations, no star, just lights. The girls have no idea it’s half assed, so that’s good. Every time we plug it in they say wow! So I guess that’s a win… (They also got naked and rubbed their bums on the tree… I have no idea why, but they thought it was hilarious….have I mentioned I have weirdo kids?)

We haven’t even gotten Santa pictures yet. Hopefully before Xmas comes we will at least do that! (We are planning for tomorrow) We also are not doing Christmas cards this year. I feel guiltier about that than I do about not creating the Christmas magic for my kids.

Blog Break…. Hazel just bit Nora over a toy… FML Biting is back. Now my ever dramatic Nora is squeezing as many crocodile tears as she can to get the most sympathy. I have no idea where she gets the dramatics from…. (haha… I can already feel the eye rolls from anyone who knows me)

It’s not that I don’t like Christmas. I LOVE Christmas, but the last few years there have been obstacles that made it really hard. Last Christmas I was pregnant, sick and grumpy. It was also my first Christmas without my family… So that sucked rum balls.

This year we are moving Jan. 1 so it’s really busy right now and I don’t have the energy or time to put forward my Christmas all. Although, I have been telling the girls about Santa, but how much do they really understand or care? They are 2, next year will be way better. We are moving into a beautiful house that will feel festive when I decorate and I have a lot of Xmas decorations, boxes of them! All taken from my family in Vancouver… If I can’t have my people at least I can have their decorations right?

Next year, I will bake and Greg will make gingerbread houses with the girls and they will have advent calendars. (The me I imagine I am have made the ones I have seen on Pinterest. Realistically though I probably will just buy them…but it’s okay to dream).

I will make my Nanny’s butter tarts and short bread cookies. I will go all out…. Next year….

Charlie will be older as well and hopefully I will be able to leave the room for longer than 5 min….. Next year.

Nora and Hazel will be able to follow instructions better and they can help me bake… Next year…

We are still going to have Christmas dinner this year with all the fixings… There just won’t be the glamour! Oh but next year…. next year, glitz galore!

Blog Break…. Nora has pulled over the Christmas tree. She’s mad about something… She is doing her mad mouth… Do I want to figure it out? Nope, Greg can deal with this one.

I’ll still stuff the stockings and put the presents under our scant little tree… I will still get to see the girls’ faces when they wake up and see the presents.

I will still make a yummy breakfast and we will still listen to Christmas carols in the morning.

I know I don’t need to glitz it up to make it special, having my husband and children and my in-laws here will make it special. We are together.

Oh but next year!

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