It Was Going to be About Christmas

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It was going to be about Christmas

I had already written a blog about Christmas hangovers and New Years and such… But after moving to a new town with 3 kids under 3 right after the holidays and having it take a week is HELL and I wasn’t feeling the last thing I wrote…

Holy Crap! There is nothing like sitting in a house with only a portion of your things and none of your children’s’ toys and zero internet!  Not only are you still waiting for the essential things (because for some reason the things you really need are ALWAYS the last to make it and you don’t want to complain too much because your husband has basically packed and moved everything almost alone). You can’t unpack the things you do have because you are home alone with all the children and can’t leave them alone for a second or Hazel will be trying to ride Charlie like a horse as he is trying to learn how to crawl and Nora will be climbing the built-in shelving or exploring the inside of the fire place.

So what do we do with no toys or internet? We thank modern technology and watch every movie we have downloaded 50 times.

We “officially” moved January 5th. Greg rented a truck for 2 days and had to do 4-5 loads in our Dodge Journey, so not a small car! How the hell did we collect so much stuff! We have only been in the province for a year and a half! It’s crazy how much junk we have! I am definitely going to be purging some items…. It’s just gonna take a year.

We have been eating like crap because we aren’t settled, my kitchen is a disaster and I haven’t cooked. My kids haven’t eaten a vegetable in 2 weeks. I feel like a horrible parent and really hope I haven’t ruined what little good food habits my kids had.

Greg goes back to work in 2 days after being off on paternity leave since July and Charlie’s crib hasn’t been assembled so he is still napping on me. (We were going to get him to nap in a crib before Greg goes to work) So now I’m screwed when I’m alone with all 3! I also have to start potty training… that in itself is it own kind of hell.

Blog break: Hazel is now naked (our new house is beautiful but it requires a trust fund to heat it, so its freezing in here because we are being very stingy with the heat… life of oil heat), anyway… she is naked and walking like a duck. Why you ask? Because she has her fingers in her vagina and won’t even take them out to walk to the playroom… So gross.

Our new house is the nicest house I have ever lived in. It’s big and white and roomy… 5 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, a big kitchen and main floor laundry!!!!!!

The kids get a playroom, we get an office/ spare room and Greg gets his space in the basement. The downside is that I have ugly furniture and I would really like to have a couch that is as nice as this house… Maybe when the kids stop spitting out their drinks on the couch on purpose to see how big of a puddle they can make, so in like 10 years…. I also really like the new town that we are in, it’s very walkable and everything I could possibly need for the kids is within walking distance.

Okay this blog is taking a turn… it’s all over the place… kinda like me as of late. I have been on a weird kind of roller-coaster. But I guess that’s to be expected. With the holidays and the move and being a manic basket case who hides behind jokes and smiles… that sounds worst than it is…. but that pretty much sums up most people I know… Especially if they have children… lol

Every day I am trying to push myself, I’m trying not to yell, I’m trying to clean more… I’m trying to get out there more… Right now at this exact moment I am sitting by myself eating all you can eat sushi… and I’m gonna eat all I can! I am going to take my time and stuff as much food in my gullet as I can because I am ALONE! No kids, no husband, no one! I normally would feel nervous and shy… But I feel amazing! The food is good and the company is stellar… lol.

I get to sit back and relax and look at my life… I have a pretty good one… Yes, I miss my family and friends. Yes I could stand to lose my 1 ab and my jelly non-gap. Sure a bit more money would be nice but I’m not totally convinced that would make me happier than I am overall.

I have amazing, smart, funny, and sometimes feral children; who are ridiculous. I love that they are disgusting and that at any given time they can make me laugh. Like why does Hazel walk around the room with her hands on her hips trying to look at her own butt? Or why does Nora think it’s hilarious to stick her big toe in your butt crack as she rides on your back? Charlie I am sure is going to be just as funny, right now he is sweet and very rarely cries and laughs at all the chaos around him… So what he can’t sleep unless my booby is in his mouth? lol.

I am owning right now, in this moment, my crazy. My mind is usually going a mile a minute in every direction which is probably why I never get anything done and just sit… Does anyone else do that? When you feel like there are 100 things to do you end up doing none of them and just sitting?

Blog break: Oh my god this food is amazing… I haven’t had sushi since I left the west coast, but this is good… it’s a good thing I still insist on wearing my maternity jeans 8 months later… I am having to constantly pull them up, but at least there is room for my food baby.

Last night was a good moment… spending time alone.  I have never been a person who could do that. I was almost afraid to be alone. The next me date is going to the movies, maybe for my birthday next month.

I don’t like to make resolutions, but 2017 for me is going to be about new beginnings and forgiving myself for not being thinner, for not being tidier, for yelling, for letting my girls watch too much tv and for not being crafty, (I’m actually not really that sorry I’m not crafty…. I hate crafts). I am also going to really try and enjoy life and my children and my husband.

New town, new house, new beginning and I am very excited to see how this year unfolds.

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