Supermum: Take Charge and Accept It

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As we prepare the daunting task of moving to another country, I find myself thinking how difficult I thought it was to move 5 years ago with a 9 month old baby and 2 months pregnant. Now I feel like a superwoman!

When the time comes for the move, our children will be 5, 4, 3 and 9 months old. And now I think how easy it was to move with only 1!

Last weekend at a birthday party, I talked to a dad, and he agreed, about how going out with 3 kids was the easiest thing in the world now that we have 4! I can’t help to think how silly I was with only one kid. Everything now feels easier. Not sure if it is because the girls are older or because the chaos of going out with 4 has no comparison with going out with 3.

With 3 I would shake with the thought of going out alone with them and took someone to help me. Now that we have 4, I feel like its peanuts to go out with 3 – alone!

Even last Sunday, after super Daddy arrived from a weeklong work trip to Europe, he was jet-lagged and I was tired from a week of 3 trips to the doctor and 4-hour sleep nights with multiple fever checks. And believe it or not we survived! With no major fights, screams or dramas!

We went to a birthday party, we had quiet time at home, I made 4 different dinners for the school week, we painted, we played, we talked to the grandparents… It was surprisingly good! Good to be just the 6 of us.

As the first months of new baby craziness start to fade out I feel like I’m finally in control, and the whole family is a lot calmer. This is a great starting point to our imminent move back to Hong Kong. Maybe my hormones post delivery are giving me (and everyone) a break too.

I don’t have time for most things but wow, how easy things have become when I start to take charge, when I just accept it, that my life for the next 10 years will be like this. How could I ever think 1 kid was difficult????

How things have changed since number 1. We don’t clean our new baby’s bottom with cotton pads and clean water, we just use water wipes. We don’t go to the pediatrician every time the girls have a little fever, we wait for a bigger one. Our new baby had her weight checked once in 3 months, I just know that she is doing great. We don’t go out with the kids past 7pm… ‘hey kiddos when you are 18 you will have plenty of time to see the night lights’ – we do go and see special holiday lights on the street and the occasional light show at Gardens By the Bay (if you visit Singapore this is a must see with little ones).

I rarely express milk! I simply do not have the time. I am now the official mum taxi with daily drop offs for the whole family, and yes-even super Dad needs a ride to the train. So all the time I have left I would just like to sit down and watch crappy TV, have a coffee or just write a few things on the computer.

I stopped recording all the kids’ milestones at kid number 2, when I lost all the notes I made till then (18 months worth of notes). I felt like the worst mum in the world so I now take photos of them and try to remember all the milestones they have. But I will try to come up with an idea to make their 18th birthday special… Any ideas to share??

Yes I am a superwoman and I really feel it!!! Just because I took charge and have learned to accept things.

My heart bursts with pride and happiness when I hear from others that my children are so well behaved (really?), that they are caring and considerate. OMG! I’m doing something right!!

But please look the other way if you see my children screaming and kicking on the street and me with a face of what was I thinking of to go out alone with this 4! Nothing is ever perfect! We do the best we can!

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