Let It Go – Juggling Three Young Kids

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Someone once said to me ”I would love to have a third child”. When I heard this I said go for it, it’s great – hard work – but great… and I smiled. My friend then said, “but you make it look so hard that I have my doubts.”

I get it, I totally get it. I have three girls age 4, 3 and an almost 2 year old! I can hear your mind say “crazy”. And let me tell you, it IS hard! I love my children and I could say that the craziness is totally worth it but I won’t.

As I type this text I am hiding in my office room, lights off and the only thing I can hear from the outside are screams… Probably they are hitting each other and bad mummy here is trying to hide from them (note: the nanny is outside with them, don’t think I would leave them alone. They would probably kill the dogs!).

But one thing they don’t tell  (along with so many other things) is the logistics you need to go through when 1 or more kids are sick at home.

Can I just say that it drives me insane! I want to stay home with the sick kid but at the same time I need to take the other 2 to two different schools at two different drop-off times and 2 different pick-up times.

Then there is the medication, the checking of the fever every hour and then to think what to do when the other 2 come back from school… Pediatrician says do not let them touch each other! (yeah kiddo number 2 had a pretty contagious flu). You could almost hear the screams saying “why mummy? You are breaking us!!! WE want to play together!”

Then kiddo number 3 gets sick, another trip to the doctor, another pick-up time at the older kiddo school. And now pediatrician says, yes they are both sick BUT you still can’t let them be close to each other as the flu strain might be different. GREAT! %$&* at this point we are on six different medications at very different hours.

THEN kiddo number 1 starts to look like she is sick too. I can feel my head explode with the schedule of the medication, one hour this, and then wait half an hour, then 2 hours till the other medication to the other kid. And don’t forget to check the fever.

And as the days go by, the feeling that other things need to be done makes me panic, I have to stop and think…I love my children, I accept that I’m going to make mistakes with the medication and the timing and I will accept that they will ALL be sick during the holidays, and the fact that I will always be covered in snot also tells me that I will get sick too.

So as homage to my daughters’ favorite movie, I’ll just “Let it go”. If they all get sick good thing we are on holidays and Daddy is here to help. If my clothes get dirty I can change to clean ones and if I get sick, well then I will have my three beautiful daughters screaming at home but I will also get all their cuddles and the help of my beautiful and supportive husband! P.S – He makes all this craziness feel less crazy!

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Rita Silva Bishop is Co-Founder of MumRadar and lives in Singapore with her husband and four daughters. Originally from Portugal, Rita had a career in the fast-paced world of Motorsport event management before starting a family. With the craziness that comes from being a parent to four girls five and under, she has a passion for helping mothers overcome the challenges of motherhood and make life simpler.

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