MomCraze Tales Day 1: Hello, My Name is MomCraze

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Photo by Erin Wild Photography

Hi, I’m Deanna Crawford, a stay-at-home mom and wife. I struggled for years with infertility and after having a few failed IVF attempts, I finally got pregnant from egg donor IVF (my sister very kindly donated her eggs) with my twins in March 2014.

After a year we realized we could no longer afford to live in Vancouver, the city I love and grew up in and where all my friends and family are. We made the very hard decision to move to small town Nova Scotia to where my husband’s parents are with our then 1-year-old girls. Two months after getting there and at the age of 39, I found out I was pregnant naturally! So here I am at 40 with 2.5-year-old twin girls Nora and Hazel and a 6-month old boy Charlie.

I started to write my thoughts as a way of keeping sane while my husband was away for a week and I was alone with all the kids. I found that it was very therapeutic and really helped with my postpartum depression. I don’t consider myself a writer; I’m just a regular person who uses humor to make life easier. I write like I talk and I am an open book. I know lots of moms feel like me and hope you can laugh and feel a sense of solidarity.

Day 1 of 7 Alone with all 3 Kids

Both Greg and I had the opportunity to go back to our home towns for a visit. I of course still had to bring a child with me, considering I’m breastfeeding. I had a good time, but I was still held to a schedule, multiple night time wake ups and early mornings.

Greg on the other hand got to be a free man… no kids, no early mornings… free as a bird. I found it very hard not to want to kick him. I was very resentful! Was I wrong? Maybe, but I couldn’t help it! It drove me bonkers to think of his freedom… blahhhhhh!

7:40pm: Every child in bed and sleeping. Kitchen clean, living room tidied, (those who know me know how big of a deal that is, I am not the neatest out there, though my husband wishes I was) diapers washed and dried ready to be stuffed. I think I’m going to drink a glass of wine and watch an episode of Bones before I go to sleep.

Photo taken of Nora and Hazel by the wonderful Erin Wild Photography.

About the Writer

Deanna Crawford is a stay-at-home mom of 2.5-year-old twin girls and a 6-month old boy living in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. She started to write her thoughts as a way of keeping sane and hopes her contribution makes other mothers laugh and feel a sense of solidarity. Originally from Vancouver, Deanna spent her pre-child years singing in bands, staying up late and staying in bed until at least 10am. Deanna loves to laugh, drink wine with friends and really loves the idea of sewing – though she has yet to try it. You can find Deanna on Twitter and Facebook!