MomCraze Tales Day 2: Yes!! I Get to Nap!!

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Day 2 of 7 Alone with all 3 Kids

(And in case you missed Day 1 of 7)

8:21pm: Kids all in bed and asleep. (I am a prisoner of Charlie who we bed share with and will not sleep without me! A topic i will cover at a later date).

Today started at the wonderful time of 5am. Nora crawled into my bed followed by Hazel 5 minutes later.  I begged them to go to sleep but they wanted to “chat”. They eventually woke up Charlie and started demanding juice. 5:40 am up and dressed. Juice and Peppa Pig goes on.

7ish they demand toast…So I make breakfast and am already in my 2nd cup of coffee…Since we were up and it wasn’t raining I was planning on taking them to the library for story time at 10:15am. I don’t drive so we were going to walk. I was going to wear Charlie and stick the girls in the double stroller. Probably a 35 min walk…not a big deal.

By the time 9:30 am rolled around I was spent. I had already made breakfast, cleaned up, threw in a load of laundry and stuffed diapers… I was done! So were my sweet little girls who have now turned into fire breathing demons trying to suck out my soul. Decided to make an early lunch that I totally mailed in; Mac and cheese, no vegetables, no fruit. Hazel ate it 1 noodle at a time and Nora decided to wash her hands, face and table with it… lunchtime is so much fun!

Finally they are done eating and I am going to make them nap, I don’t care how, but they are going to freaking sleep! (I am already arguing with them in my head… I’m ready for them to fight me).

We brush teeth, they lie down, I sing songs, and I leave their room ready to yell “get back in bed!”…I hear nothing, a little humming from Nora…5 more minutes………..silence……… YES! I GET TO NAP!!!! I take Charlie to my bed to nurse him asleep……..45 min later he is still awake…all smiles…as if to say to me “Nice try lady.”

Thank goodness my in-laws came over for the afternoon! Even though during that time their dog ran away from my house and got lost (Dog was found a few hours later), it was nice to have company on the longest day ever! After dinner we put on jammies and watched WALL-E, ate yogurt and now……..silence……..I’m going to nurse Charlie to sleep, then do the Ninja roll off the bed to hopefully go drink wine. Then sleep!

Photo taken of Charlie by the wonderful Erin Wild Photography.

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