MomCraze Tales Day 3: Bath Drunk

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Day 3 of 7 Alone with All 3 Kids

8:15pm kids in bed…. Thank god!

Well today started a bit later… 5:45 am… this wouldn’t be so bad but I am still up 3+ times a night nursing Charlie, but the demand for juice was a bit softer this morning… I was given cuddles and kisses so that was nice. As soon as they sweet talked me out of bed is when their true toddler colors came out.

Meltdown #1
It starts with the fact I cannot carry all 3 of them down the stairs. They are very angry that I only have 2 arms and Charlie has to be in one of them…

Meltdown # 2
Nora is very upset that Charlie cannot get down the stairs on his own.
It’s dark and I am turning on the lights when they start demanding to watch a movie…

Meltdown #3
Nora is screaming and throwing things because I put on music instead.

They ever so graciously allowed me to get them drinks and put on coffee. Music morning is going smoothly and they are playing nicely. They also let me get them dressed with no arguments. I’m enjoying my coffee while I nurse Charlie.

Breakfast was going so well, we all had our cereal and fruit and Charlie was eating mashed banana. When Nora decided to drink her cereal and milk from her bowl, in a second was wearing it…. ahhhh…. I keep my cool and clean her up and change her clothes.

Morning music ends and I turn on WALL-E….. for the 200th time… I don’t really mind because Nora talks through the entire movie asking questions and telling me what’s going on, I think it’s hilarious and cute.

Meltdown #4
Nora wants to play with the apple TV remote, but that sucker is tiny and we are always losing it so I say no. She screams and cries at the top of her lungs and starts throwing things… I keep my cool until she throws a wooden block at her brother just missing his head. I lose my ish a little. But I reign it in and she has a good cry in my arms.

Mid-morning our friends come over to play, Mama Erin and Emily… Hazel is super grumpy and emotional from being tired and is not wanting to share any of her toys and proceeds to fight Emily over everything.

Meltdown #5
Emily touches Hazel’s toy dog…

We put the special toy away and Hazel and Emily are still at odds which results in Hazel biting Emily… Not just a nip but a full on bite. I’m mortified because I don’t know what to do and out of exasperation (I have no idea what I was thinking), I bite her! She cries and I feel horrible…  But Hazel hasn’t bitten anyone!
Anyway early lunch again and nap… They all sleep! Even Charlie, even me! Ahhhh bliss….

I wake up to the call “mama poopy bum!”
We get up, change bums, and have a smoothie and some crackers for snack.

Meltdown #6
Hazel is almost inconsolable…. it took a good 5 minutes to figure out what happened…. Hazel bit her OWN finger while eating her crackers… her OWN FINGER! Massive meltdown over this.

The rest of the afternoon was good… We watched ANOTHER movie, skyped with Greg and my birth mother in Winnipeg… the girls have never seen her so they did what all shy toddlers do… strip down naked, shake and spank their  bums towards the camera… I’m seriously raising dainty wallflowers.

I made a dinner they didn’t hate and then gave them a bath…
Are all toddlers maniacs in the tub?

Greg usually bathes them so I’m not usually around when they get bath drunk… that’s the only way I can explain it… They were drunks. Sloshing and splashing and making zero real words, and falling. How many times do you need to fall before you stop standing up!

I was going to bathe Charlie, but after that no way!

Now they are all in bed and I am procrastinating. The kitchen needs to be cleaned. It’s disgusting and if I leave it, it will be even worse in the morning. Time to adult.

4 more days, 4 more days!

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