MomCraze Tales Day 4: My Tiny Terrorists

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Day 4 of 7 Alone with All 3 Kids

Well I guess 5:30am is the new 8am.

At 5:37, a very cranky and tired Hazel comes into my bed demanding booby. (She doesn’t nurse anymore but likes to cuddle them…lol)

I happened to be nursing Charlie at that moment for the 100th time that night and couldn’t move to give her optimal booby access. The first meltdown of the day was a full on kicking and screaming tantrum. I am sad to say that I lost my ish and had a mini tantrum myself (quietly though, I didn’t want to wake Charlie or Nora).

Hazel tries to scream more but I threaten to never give her juice again if she doesn’t stop. She stops, and thankfully falls asleep, but not before waking up Charlie. I try to nurse him to sleep but he’s not having it. I beg and plead, there may have been a few tears and thank god at 6:50 he goes back to sleep.

YES!!! I am so close to falling back asleep when I hear Nora. She has already started talking to me from her room. I try for the big bed cuddle but it was no use. Nora has woken up Hazel and they are ready to go.

My Tiny Terrorists have demanded toast and eggs for breakfast, so I schlump my butt to the kitchen to give my captors what they want; I am their slave.

Breakfast is made and Hazel isn’t pleased. I over cooked her eggs and now they are a tad crunchy underneath. She proceeds to pick the crunchies off her whites with a look of disgust and drop them on the floor. Nora thankfully enjoys her food. So does Charlie.

I have signed the kids up for music at the library today, but since I don’t drive I’m not super keen on going and walking there.

After some encouragement from my friends, I start to get the kids ready. Usually the girls are really good about getting dressed to go out…Today was not one of those days…Nope, today was the day that they were going to fight about everything. Right down to the color of their socks.

Holy hell!

I definitely lost my cool, but on the bright side I developed a growling low but loud yell that scared them into submission. I have no idea where it came from but I hope I can do it again when needed, it was powerful!

With both girls in the stroller and Charlie strapped to me we make our way. I walk so fast that we make it in 25 minutes! Yes! The kids love it and have a blast! I’m glad we went.

Okay time to go home. I get a friend to force my hard of hearing children into the stroller as I strap on Charlie. It’s 11:30am and I’m so so tired.

We stop at the store to grab some lunch for me and the girls. I gather all our treats and go to pay only to not have my bank card! Of course, why would it be easy? I was so sad, like so sad that I was going to cry, super embarrassed. What I must have looked like to the cashier, all red faced and sweaty, whining to myself.

We leave and make our way home and I decide to get the girls to walk so that they get tired enough for a nap. BIG MISTAKE! They do not listen to a word I say. Hazel won’t hold my hand to cross the road and does the dead man drop so I have to drag her. So much fun! By the time we get home it’s after 1pm.

I make them lunch and my father in law comes over. He tries to put the girls down for a nap but they are not having it. I’m falling asleep on the chair nursing Charlie when he suggests I go and lie down! Omg, I am so happy!

We lie down and sleep… for 20 minutes…until Hazel comes in…I get her to leave and fall asleep…then Nora comes in for a chat… then she has a bit of a tantrum when I kick her out. But I do end up napping and when Charlie wakes up I feel like a new person.

The rest of the evening goes great. Impromptu visit from Erin and Emily and we have dinner together. Hazel and Emily play together nicely and Hazel doesn’t try to eat her! In fact Hazel hasn’t bitten anyone all day! That’s huge! Maybe me biting her yesterday was the best thing I could’ve done!

They are now quietly watching Peppa Pig. I’m going to keep them up a bit later to try to get them to sleep later… These early mornings are killing me… Charlie was a doll all day as usual. Thank goodness he is the most laid back baby ever… Super chill, full of smiles.

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